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The team at Sempert’s Drug offers the following tools to help you assess your current health and develop a plan for improving it over time. Get started with the following wellness calculators

Wellness Calculators

Use the Good Neighbor Pharmacy® wellness calculators to track weight loss, your target heart rate, pregnancy due date, even asses your heart attack risk! Talk to Michelle and the team at Sempert’s about your results and the steps you can take to maintain and improve a healthy lifestyle.

Lose 1 Pound a Week Calculate Calories Burned
Target Heart Rate Pregnancy Due Date
Body Mass Index Calculator (BMI) Pre-diabetes Screening Test


Healthy food and nutritional supplements are key to a healthy body. The Good Neighbor Pharmacy® presents recipes for everyone, and nutritional requirements for each age group and gender at the links below.

Need more resources? Feel free to come in and speak with one of the Sempert’s team of experts or with Michelle Petersen, your pharmacist at Sempert’s Drug.