Eye Health for the Entire Family

The eclipse raised awareness of our eyes. Wearing protective glasses for the big event and more generally the importance of our eyes and caring for them.

It’s also late August and time for the kids to go back to school. Who needs to get their vision checked, sunglasses or contact lens supplies?

Why do some people need glasses? Most Americans wear glasses or contacts. When driving westward in the afternoon, or generally in summer it’s great to have a favorite pair of sunglasses. Good sunglasses protect our eyes from damaging levels of ultraviolet light.

The older we get, the more likely we’ll need glasses, with 93% of folks age 65-75 wearing corrective lenses. Eye exams are recommended every few years. A growing number of Americans are opting for laser surgery to eliminate the need for glasses or contacts.

People complain about dry eyes and keep eye drops handy, particularly folks using contacts.

It’s important to get routine eye exams and general health check-ups to maintain the health of our eyes and stay fit. Use the 2017 solar eclipse as a reminder to review your family’s eye health requirements, whether it be an annual exam or a new prescription.

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